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In the beginning…

Dear X,

As we come closer to your first birthday, I realize one day I would like to look back on these fleeting moments. When I take photos of you I can never seem to capture how tender the moments are, and I realize writing of them here will be the same. Still, I would like to capture the little bits I can.

Even in your first few days you were able to tell us just how unimpressed you were. Nurses and relatives alike were confounded by your tendency to either sleep or scream – I tried desperately to feed you in between, with more or less luck depending on the day. We later convinced your Dr, when you were 9 months old, that you had reflux and milk protein intolerance. You were given Zantac daily and switched to a special formula, and were much happier within a day or two. I never knew I could love someone so much and still feel so completely inept to love them as they needed. At that appointment I realized you didn’t really hate me. Our relationship has grown from there.

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