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Puffs & Flus

I think when I buy stock I might buy some in Beech Nut.  Purely for the Table Time Sweet Potato Puffs.  My little boy has been sick since Thursday night, and for the first time since (it’s Saturday afternoon) is finally quiet and content.  Sitting in his high chair, feeding himself aforementioned puffs.  In his diaper, with a heat rash and funky hair from the sweat and the Vicks, his face slowly starting to regain some colour other then the blueish tinge that grew beneath his eyes as he lost sleep the past few nights.  Thursday night he came home from Grandma’s, and she said “he had a real cough” – this opposed to the little funny throat clearing sound he makes when he hears us cough.  We got him home at 10.30 and he woke up, and all hell broke loose.  Fever, crying, tossing and turning, finally we took him into the hospital at 3am.  Fever was gone already, no infection, and by the time we finally saw the Dr at 5.30am he had started to settle.  At least until the stethoscope came out.

Just a flu.  And teething.  All at once.  No good.  Who knew I wouldn’t mind being up at 6am still, just relieved he was ok?  Who knew I would be ok with a permanently attached miserable baby, just praying somehow he got some comfort in between the fussing and crying and kicking me just as I started to doze off.  So here we are, me in my jammies, him in his diaper, after 1 on a Saturday.  No plans to go anywhere.  Just glad for the realization that he’s spent the last 20 minutes happy and content with his sweet potato puffs.


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