Drain plugs & slippers

Today I watched you, X, as you suddenly realized what the drain plug is for in the tub. Somehow suddenly, having watched the water draining, you grabbed the plug off the side of the tub and stuck it in. Then took it out, and observed as the draining continued, then back in. You were enthralled and wouldn’t let me touch the plug or help you seat it just right, because after all, you were busy doing it and didn’t need mama’s help, thank you very much.

And then I saw you notice my slippers on the floor and step cautiously on them, trying to determine how to get them on your little blue-socked feet.

Who knew seeing you discover these things would be so amazing? Who knew I would be more fascinated by watching you discover them then by anything I’ve ever seen or learned? How silly is that your every little discovery is such an amazing thing to me?


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